Title 10 Chapter 1

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Chapter 1General Provisions (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect) (Download Future Sections: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
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Section 101 Short title.
Section 102 Effective date.
Section 103 Construction.
Section 104 Definitions.
Section 105 No changes intended.
Section 106 Scope of act.
Section 107 Municipalities.
Section 108 Cumulative powers -- Powers not in derogation of state agencies.
Section 109 Saving clause.
Section 110 Continuation of prior law.
Section 111 Existing indebtedness.
Section 112 Headings do not limit sections.
Section 113 Severability clause.
Section 114 Repealer.
Section 115 Legislation enacted by Legislature.
Section 118 Changing the name of a municipality.
Section 119 Inventory of competitive activities.
Section 201 Municipalities as political subdivisions of the state.
Section 202 Power to sue, contract, adopt municipal name and seal.
Section 203 License fees and taxes -- Application information to be transmitted to the county assessor.
Section 203.5 Disproportionate rental fee -- Good landlord training program -- Fee reduction.
Section 301 Title.
Section 302 Purpose and intent.
Section 303 Definitions.
Section 304 Municipality and military installation development authority may levy tax -- Rate -- Imposition or repeal of tax -- Tax rate change -- Effective date -- Notice requirements -- Exemptions.
Section 305 Municipal energy sales and use tax ordinance provisions.
Section 306 Rules for delivered value and point of sale.
Section 307 Administration, collection, and enforcement of taxes by commission -- Distribution of revenues -- Administrative charge -- Collection of taxes by municipality.
Section 308 Report of tax collections -- Allocation when location of taxpayer cannot be accurately determined.
Section 310 Existing energy franchise taxes or contractual franchise fees.
Section 401 Title.
Section 402 Definitions.
Section 403 Municipality and military installation development authority may levy municipal telecommunications license tax -- Recovery from customers -- Enactment, repeal, or change in rate of tax -- Annexation.
Section 404 Municipal telecommunications license tax ordinance provisions.
Section 405 Collection of taxes by commission -- Uniform interlocal agreement -- Administrative charge -- Rulemaking authority.
Section 406 Limitation of other telecommunications taxes or fees.
Section 407 Attributing the gross receipts from telecommunications service to a municipality -- Rate impact.
Section 408 Procedure for taxes erroneously recovered from customers.
Section 410 Transactions consisting of telecommunications service and nontelecommunications services.
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