Title 10 Chapter 2

Title 10Utah Municipal Code (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect) (Download Future Chapters: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
Chapter 2Incorporation, Classification, Boundaries, Consolidation, and Dissolution of Municipalities (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
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Section 101 Definitions.
Section 102 Incorporation of a contiguous area -- Governing provisions of city or town incorporation.
Section 103 Request for feasibility study -- Requirements -- Limitations.
Section 104 Notice to owner of property -- Exclusion of property from proposed boundaries.
Section 105 Processing a request for incorporation -- Certification or rejection by county clerk -- Processing priority -- Limitations -- Township planning commission recommendation.
Section 106 Feasibility study -- Feasibility study consultant.
Section 107 Modified request for feasibility study -- Supplemental feasibility study.
Section 108 Public hearings on feasibility study results -- Notice of hearings.
Section 109 Incorporation petition -- Requirements and form.
Section 110 Processing of petition by county clerk -- Certification or rejection -- Processing priority.
Section 111 Incorporation election.
Section 112 Ballot used at the incorporation election.
Section 113 Notification to lieutenant governor of incorporation election results.
Section 114 Determination of number of council members -- Determination of election districts -- Hearings and notice.
Section 115 Notice of number of commission or council members to be elected and of district boundaries -- Declaration of candidacy for city office.
Section 116 Election of officers of new city.
Section 117 Notification to lieutenant governor of election of city officers.
Section 118 Elections governed by the Election Code.
Section 119 Filing of notice and approved final local entity plat with lieutenant governor -- Effective date of incorporation -- Necessity of recording documents and effect of not recording.
Section 120 Powers of officers-elect.
Section 121 Division of municipal-type services revenues -- County may provide startup funds.
Section 123 Costs of incorporation.
Section 124 Incorporation petition or feasibility study before May 8, 2012.
Section 125 Incorporation of a town -- Petition.
Section 126 Incorporation of town -- Public hearing on feasibility.
Section 127 Incorporation of town -- Election to incorporate -- Ballot form.
Section 128 Form of government -- Election of officers of new town.
Section 129 Notice to lieutenant governor -- Effective date of incorporation -- Effect of recording documents.
Section 130 Suspension of township incorporation and annexation procedures on or after January 1, 2014 -- Exceptions.
Section 301 Classification of municipalities according to population.
Section 302 Change of class of municipality.
Section 303 Effect of change in class.
Section 306 Judicial notice taken of existence and class.
Section 401 Definitions -- Property owner provisions.
Section 401.5 Annexation policy plan.
Section 402 Annexation -- Limitations.
Section 403 Annexation petition -- Requirements -- Notice required before filing.
Section 405 Acceptance or denial of an annexation petition -- Petition certification process -- Modified petition.
Section 406 Notice of certification -- Publishing and providing notice of petition.
Section 407 Protest to annexation petition -- Township planning commission recommendation -- Petition requirements -- Disposition of petition if no protest filed.
Section 408 Denying or approving the annexation petition -- Notice of approval.
Section 408.5 Annexation of an area within a township -- Withdrawing the area from the township.
Section 409 Boundary commission -- Creation -- Members.
Section 409.5 Municipal selection committee.
Section 410 Boundary commission member terms -- Staggered terms -- Chair -- Quorum -- Vacancy.
Section 411 Disqualification of commission member -- Alternate member.
Section 412 Boundary commission authority -- Expenses -- Records.
Section 413 Feasibility consultant -- Feasibility study -- Modifications to feasibility study.
Section 414 Modified annexation petition -- Supplemental feasibility study.
Section 415 Public hearing -- Notice.
Section 416 Commission decision -- Time limit -- Limitation on approval of annexation.
Section 417 District court review -- Notice.
Section 418 Annexation of an island or peninsula without a petition -- Notice -- Hearing.
Section 419 Boundary adjustment -- Notice and hearing -- Protest.
Section 420 Bonds not affected by boundary adjustments or annexations -- Payment of property taxes.
Section 421 Electric utility service in annexed area -- Reimbursement for value of facilities -- Liability -- Arbitration.
Section 422 Conclusive presumption of annexation.
Section 425 Filing of notice and plat -- Recording and notice requirements -- Effective date of annexation or boundary adjustment.
Section 426 Division of municipal-type services revenues.
Section 428 Neither annexation nor boundary adjustment has an effect on the boundaries of most local districts or special service districts.
Section 501 Municipal disconnection -- Definitions -- Request for disconnection -- Requirements upon filing request.
Section 502.5 Hearing on request for disconnection -- Determination by municipal legislative body -- Petition in district court.
Section 502.7 Court action.
Section 506 Taxes to meet municipal obligations.
Section 507 Disconnection ordinance or decree -- Filing of notice and plat -- Recording requirements -- Effective date of disconnection -- Costs of disconnection.
Section 509 Costs.
Section 510 Boundary adjustment procedure not affected.
Section 601 Consolidation of two or more municipalities.
Section 602 Contents of resolution or petition.
Section 603 Plan of consolidation.
Section 604 Duty of county legislative body when petition is by electors.
Section 605 Effect of plan of consolidation.
Section 606 Public hearings.
Section 607 Notice of election.
Section 608 Contents of notice.
Section 609 Election on consolidation.
Section 610 Canvass of election -- Notice of results -- Filing of notice and plat -- Recording requirements.
Section 611 When consolidation effective -- Disincorporation of original municipalities -- Effective date for assessment purposes.
Section 612 New municipality -- Ownership of property -- Indebtedness of original municipalities.
Section 613 Governing body until next election.
Section 614 Ordinances, resolutions, and orders.
Section 701 Petition for disincorporation -- Validity -- District court order for election.
Section 701.5 Form of petition.
Section 702 District court to examine petition -- Set date for election.
Section 703 Publication of notice of election.
Section 704 Form of ballot.
Section 705 Judgment -- Determination of claims.
Section 706 Taxes to meet municipal obligations.
Section 707 Disposition of records.
Section 708 Notice of disincorporation -- Publication and filing.
Section 709 Expenses of election.
Section 710 Limitation on jurisdiction of court to consider disincorporation petition.
Section 711 Dissolution by the county legislative body.
Section 712 Power of court -- Articles of dissolution -- Notice to lieutenant governor -- Recording requirements -- Effective date of dissolution.
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