Title 10 Chapter 3

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Chapter 3Municipal Government (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
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Section 201 Municipal general election -- Terms of office.
Section 202 Terms of elected municipal officers.
Section 205 Election of officers in municipalities operating under a city council form of government.
Section 205.5 At-large election of officers -- Election of commissioners or council members.
Section 208 Campaign finance disclosure in municipal election.
Section 301 Notice -- Eligibility and residency requirements for elected municipal office -- Mayor and recorder limitations.
Section 302 Mayoral or council vacancy of a municipality.
Section 502 Regular and special council meetings.
Section 504 Quorum defined.
Section 505 Compelling attendance at meetings of legislative body.
Section 506 How the vote is taken.
Section 507 Minimum vote required.
Section 508 Reconsideration.
Section 601 Business of governing body conducted only in open meeting.
Section 603 Public records.
Section 604 Annual examination of municipal finances -- Publication of results.
Section 605 Penalty.
Section 606 Rules of order and procedure.
Section 607 Rules of conduct for members of the governing body.
Section 608 Rules of conduct for the public.
Section 609 Action on committee reports.
Section 610 Requiring attendance of witnesses, production of evidence.
Section 701 Legislative power exercised by ordinance.
Section 702 Extent of power exercised by ordinance.
Section 703 Criminal penalties for violation of ordinance -- Civil penalties prohibited -- Exceptions.
Section 703.7 Administrative proceedings.
Section 704 Form of ordinance.
Section 705 Requirements as to form -- Effective date.
Section 706 Revision of ordinances.
Section 707 Power to codify ordinances.
Section 708 Arrangement of ordinances.
Section 709 Repeal of conflicting provisions -- Title.
Section 710 Publication in book, pamphlet or looseleaf form -- State statutes.
Section 711 Publication and posting of ordinances.
Section 712 Effective date.
Section 713 Recording, numbering, and certification of passage.
Section 714 Contents, dates, publication proved under seal.
Section 715 Municipal ordinances received in evidence.
Section 716 Fines and forfeitures -- Disposition.
Section 717 Purpose of resolutions.
Section 718 Form of resolution.
Section 719 Resolutions need no publication effective date.
Section 801 Administrative powers in cities of the first class.
Section 803 Officers limited to one office -- Exceptions.
Section 805 Administrative powers in cities of the second class.
Section 818 Salaries in municipalities.
Section 819 Bonds required.
Section 820 Bonds of officers in cities of the first and second class.
Section 821 Bond of treasurers.
Section 822 Approval of bonds.
Section 823 Premium paid by municipality.
Section 824 Bonds of first officers after incorporation.
Section 825 Additional bonds.
Section 826 Official neglect and misconduct class A misdemeanor -- Removal from office.
Section 827 Oaths.
Section 828 Oath -- Filing.
Section 829 Acts of officials not voided.
Section 902 City engineer required to be licensed.
Section 903 City engineer -- Custodian of records of public improvements.
Section 904 Books and supplies -- Recording, filing and inspection.
Section 905 Fees to be paid in advance.
Section 906 Seal.
Section 907 Recordation not to interfere with other recordation.
Section 908 Noncompliance a misdemeanor.
Section 909 Police and fire departments in cities of the first and second class.
Section 910 Heads of departments and subordinate officers.
Section 912 Chief of department may suspend subordinates.
Section 913 Authority of chief of police.
Section 914 Police officers -- Authority.
Section 915 Rights to arrest without warrant.
Section 916 Appointment of recorder and treasurer in a city of third, fourth, or fifth class or a town -- Vacancies in office.
Section 917 Engineer in a city of the third, fourth, or fifth class or town.
Section 918 Chief of police or marshal in a city of the third, fourth, or fifth class or town.
Section 919 Powers, duties, and obligations of police chief, marshal, and their assistants in a city of the third, fourth, or fifth class or town.
Section 920 Bail commissioner -- Powers and duties.
Section 921 Fines -- Collection by bail commissioner -- Disposition.
Section 922 Term of bail commissioners -- Salary -- Bond and oath.
Section 928 Attorney duties -- Deputy public prosecutor.
Section 1001 Subordinates in police, health, and fire departments to be appointed from list.
Section 1002 Classified civil service -- Places of employment constituting classified civil service -- Appointments to and from classified civil service.
Section 1003 Civil service commission -- Number, term, vacancies.
Section 1004 Qualifications of commissioners -- Salary -- Removal.
Section 1005 Organization of commission -- Secretary -- Offices.
Section 1006 Rules and regulations -- Printing and distribution.
Section 1007 Examinations.
Section 1008 Appointments from civil service list -- Probation period.
Section 1009 Certification of applicants for position -- Number -- Eligible lists, removal.
Section 1010 Promotions -- Basis -- Certification of applicants.
Section 1011 Temporary employees.
Section 1012 Suspension or discharge by department head -- Appeal to commission -- Hearing and decision.
Section 1012.5 Appeal to Court of Appeals -- Scope of review.
Section 1013 Annual and special reports by commission.
Section 1103 Sickness, disability and death benefits.
Section 1104 Library personnel -- Monthly wage deductions and matching sums -- Time of inclusion.
Section 1105 Municipal employees -- Duration and termination of employment -- Exceptions.
Section 1106 Discharge, suspension without pay, or involuntary transfer -- Appeals -- Board -- Procedure.
Section 1107 Cost of living adjustment -- Price index used.
Section 1108 Political activity of municipal officer or employee.
Section 1109 Compliance with Labor Code requirements.
Section 1110 Exemption from state licensure by Division of Real Estate.
Section 1301 Short title.
Section 1302 Purpose.
Section 1303 Definitions.
Section 1304 Use of office for personal benefit prohibited.
Section 1305 Compensation for assistance in transaction involving municipality -- Public disclosure and filing required.
Section 1306 Interest in business entity regulated by municipality -- Disclosure statement required.
Section 1307 Interest in business entity doing business with municipality -- Disclosure.
Section 1308 Investment creating conflict of interest with duties -- Disclosure.
Section 1309 Inducing officer or employee to violate part prohibited.
Section 1310 Penalties for violation -- Dismissal from employment or removal from office.
Section 1311 Municipal ethics commission -- Complaints charging violations.
Section 1312 Violation of disclosure requirements -- Penalties -- Rescission of prohibited transaction.
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