Title 10 Chapter 7

Title 10Utah Municipal Code (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect) (Download Future Chapters: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
Chapter 7Miscellaneous Powers of Cities and Towns (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
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Section 3 Participation in and cooperation with local health department -- Adoption of ordinances.
Section 4 Water supply -- Acquisition -- Condemnation -- Protest -- Special election -- Determination of just compensation.
Section 5 Limitations on lease or purchase.
Section 6 Contracts for lighting public buildings, streets, and alleys.
Section 7 Bond issues for water, light, and sewers.
Section 8 Resolution on bond issue -- Election as provided by Local Government Bonding Act.
Section 9 Sale of bonds -- Amount -- Tax levy to pay interest -- Utility rates -- Sinking fund -- Serial or term bonds.
Section 10.5 Authority to require written application for water or sewer service and to terminate service for failure to pay -- Limitations.
Section 12 Scarcity of water -- Limitation on use.
Section 13 Right of entry on premises of water user.
Section 14 Rules and regulations for use of water.
Section 14.1 Declaration of public policy.
Section 14.2 Special tax -- Grant of power to levy.
Section 14.3 Time limit for cities of first class.
Section 15 Sale or lease of electrical generation and distribution system -- Appraisal and vote required -- Manner of conducting the election.
Section 16 Call for bids -- Notice -- Contents.
Section 17 Opening of bids -- Amount to equal or exceed appraised value and amount of outstanding indebtedness.
Section 18 Disposition of money received.
Section 19 Election to authorize -- Notice -- Ballots.
Section 20.5 Restrictions on municipality procurement of architect-engineer services.
Section 26 Streets and alleys used by railway companies.
Section 27 Street railway companies to restore streets.
Section 29 Railway companies to repave streets.
Section 30 Failure to pay for repairs -- Lien on company's property.
Section 31 Sale of property to satisfy claims for special taxes.
Section 32 Actions to recover taxes.
Section 33 Delinquent taxes -- Installment payments -- Election and waiver.
Section 65 Party plaintiff -- Successive actions permitted.
Section 66 Fines and forfeitures to be paid to treasurer -- Exceptions.
Section 67 Pleading -- Reference to ordinance -- Judgment enforced by imprisonment.
Section 68 Service of process and arrests.
Section 69 Corporations may be complained against.
Section 70 Corporate violation -- Summons -- Forms.
Section 71 Corporate violation -- Summons -- Time and manner of service.
Section 72 Appearance by agent of corporation -- Bench warrant for default.
Section 73 Corporate violation -- Hearing -- Penalty imposed to be a fine.
Section 74 Execution on judgment against corporation.
Section 76 Payment of witness fees and mileage.
Section 79 Power of board of city commissioners or council to provide for development of resources.
Section 80 Development committee -- Appointment of members -- Terms, compensation and expenses, vacancies and removal of members.
Section 81 Development committee -- Election of officers -- Employment of executive director.
Section 82 Development committee -- Functions.
Section 83 Power of board of city commissioners or council to contract with other authorities.
Section 84 Expenditure of city funds authorized.
Section 85 Support of the arts.
Section 86 Municipality may adopt Utah Procurement Code -- Hiring of professional architect, engineer, or surveyor.
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