Title 76 Chapter 6

Title 76Utah Criminal Code (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
Chapter 6Offenses Against Property (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
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Section 101 Definitions.
Section 102 Arson.
Section 103 Aggravated arson.
Section 104 Reckless burning.
Section 104.5 Abandoned fire -- Penalties.
Section 105 Causing a catastrophe -- Penalties.
Section 106 Criminal mischief.
Section 107 Graffiti defined -- Penalties -- Removal costs -- Reimbursement liability.
Section 107.1 Compensatory service -- Graffiti penalties.
Section 108 Damage to or interruption of a communication device -- Penalty.
Section 109 Offenses committed against timber, mining, or agricultural industries -- Enhanced penalties.
Section 110 Offenses committed against animal enterprises -- Definitions -- Enhanced penalties.
Section 111 Wanton destruction of livestock -- Penalties -- Seizure and disposition of property.
Section 112 Agricultural operation interference -- Penalties.
Section 201 Definitions.
Section 202 Burglary.
Section 203 Aggravated burglary.
Section 204 Burglary of a vehicle -- Charge of other offense.
Section 204.5 Burglary of a railroad car -- Charge of other offenses.
Section 205 Manufacture or possession of instrument for burglary or theft.
Section 206 Criminal trespass.
Section 206.1 Criminal trespass of abandoned or inactive mines -- Penalty.
Section 206.2 Criminal trespass on state park lands -- Penalties.
Section 206.3 Criminal trespass on agricultural land or range land.
Section 301 Robbery.
Section 302 Aggravated robbery.
Section 401 Definitions.
Section 402 Presumptions and defenses.
Section 402.5 Defense regarding metal dealers.
Section 403 Theft -- Evidence to support accusation.
Section 404 Theft -- Elements.
Section 404.5 Wrongful appropriation -- Penalties.
Section 404.7 Theft of motor vehicle fuel.
Section 405 Theft by deception.
Section 406 Theft by extortion.
Section 407 Theft of lost, mislaid, or mistakenly delivered property.
Section 408 Receiving stolen property -- Duties of pawnbrokers, secondhand businesses, and coin dealers.
Section 409 Theft of services.
Section 409.1 Devices for theft of services -- Seizure and destruction -- Civil actions for damages.
Section 409.3 Theft of utility or cable television services -- Restitution -- Civil action for damages.
Section 409.5 Definitions.
Section 409.6 Use of telecommunication device to avoid lawful charge for service -- Penalty.
Section 409.7 Possession of any unlawful telecommunication device -- Penalty.
Section 409.8 Sale of an unlawful telecommunication device -- Penalty.
Section 409.9 Manufacture of an unlawful telecommunication device -- Penalty.
Section 409.10 Payment of restitution -- Civil action -- Other remedies retained.
Section 410 Theft by person having custody of property pursuant to repair or rental agreement.
Section 410.5 Theft of a rental vehicle.
Section 412 Theft -- Classification of offenses -- Action for treble damages.
Section 412.5 Property damage caused in the course of committing a theft.
Section 413 Release of fur-bearing animals -- Penalty -- Finding.
Section 501 Forgery and producing false identification -- Elements of offense -- Definitions.
Section 502 Possession of forged writing or device for writing -- Penalty.
Section 503.5 Wrongful liens and fraudulent handling of recordable writings -- Penalties.
Section 504 Tampering with records -- Penalty.
Section 505 Issuing a bad check or draft -- Presumption.
Section 506 Financial transaction card offenses -- Definitions.
Section 506.2 Financial transaction card offenses -- Unlawful use of card -- False application for card.
Section 506.3 Financial transaction card offenses -- Unlawful acquisition, possession, or transfer of card.
Section 506.5 Financial transaction card offenses -- Classification -- Multiple violations.
Section 506.6 Financial transaction card offenses -- Unauthorized factoring of credit card sales drafts.
Section 506.7 Obtaining encoded information on a financial transaction card with the intent to defraud the issuer, holder, or merchant.
Section 507 Deceptive business practices -- Definitions -- Defense.
Section 508 Bribery of or receiving bribe by person in the business of selection, appraisal, or criticism of goods or services.
Section 509 Bribery of a labor official.
Section 510 Bribe receiving by a labor official.
Section 511 Defrauding creditors.
Section 512 Acceptance of deposit by insolvent financial institution.
Section 513 Definitions -- Unlawful dealing of property by a fiduciary -- Penalties.
Section 514 Bribery or threat to influence contest.
Section 515 Using or making slugs.
Section 516 Conveyance of real estate by married man without wife's consent.
Section 517 Making a false credit report.
Section 518 Criminal simulation.
Section 520 Criminal usury.
Section 521 Fraudulent insurance act.
Section 522 Definitions -- Equity skimming of a vehicle -- Penalties.
Section 523 Obstruction of the leasing of real property for natural resource or agricultural production -- Criminal penalties.
Section 524 Falsifying information for preconstruction lien purposes.
Section 601 Definitions.
Section 602 Retail theft, acts constituting.
Section 603 Detention of suspected violator by merchant -- Purposes.
Section 604 Defense to action by person detained.
Section 606 Penalty.
Section 607 Report of arrest to division.
Section 608 Theft detection shielding devices prohibited -- Penalties.
Section 701 Computer Crimes Act -- Short title.
Section 702 Definitions.
Section 703 Computer crimes and penalties.
Section 704 Attorney general, county attorney, or district attorney to prosecute -- Conduct violating other statutes.
Section 705 Reporting violations.
Section 801 Acts constituting library theft.
Section 802 Presumption of intent.
Section 803 Mutilation or damaging of library material as library theft.
Section 803.30 Failure to return library material as library theft -- Notice -- Failure to pay replacement value -- Written notice.
Section 803.60 Detention of theft suspect by library employee -- Purposes.
Section 803.90 Liability -- Defense -- Probable cause -- Reasonableness.
Section 804 "Book or other library materials" defined.
Section 805 Penalty.
Section 901 Definitions.
Section 902 Prohibitions.
Section 903 Penalties.
Section 1001 Definitions.
Section 1002 Damage to mail receptacle -- Penalties -- Greater offenses.
Section 1003 Mail theft -- Penalties.
Section 1004 Presumptions and defenses.
Section 1101 Identity fraud.
Section 1102 Identity fraud crime.
Section 1103 Investigation of violation.
Section 1104 Court records.
Section 1105 Unlawful possession of another's identification documents.
Section 1201 Title.
Section 1202 Definitions.
Section 1203 Mortgage fraud.
Section 1204 Classification of offense.
Section 1301 Title.
Section 1302 Definitions.
Section 1303 Possession, sale, or use of automated sales suppression device unlawful -- Penalties.
Section 1401 Title.
Section 1402 Definitions.
Section 1403 Records of sales and purchases -- Identification required.
Section 1404 Notice to sellers of identification requirements.
Section 1405 Qualifications to sell to dealer.
Section 1406 Restrictions on the purchase of regulated metal -- Exemption.
Section 1407 Violation by dealer -- Penalty -- Local regulation not less stringent.
Section 1408 Falsification of seller's statement to dealer.
Section 1409 Hold on stolen regulated metal property -- Hold notice.
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