Title 78A Chapter 6

Title 78AJudiciary and Judicial Administration (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
Chapter 6Juvenile Court Act (Download: PDF | RTF | WordPerfect)
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Section 101 Title.
Section 102 Establishment of juvenile court -- Organization and status of court -- Purpose.
Section 103 Jurisdiction of juvenile court -- Original -- Exclusive.
Section 104 Concurrent jurisdiction -- District court and juvenile court.
Section 105 Definitions.
Section 106 Search warrants and subpoenas -- Authority to issue -- Protective custody -- Expedited hearing.
Section 107 Expedited filing of petition -- Expedited hearings.
Section 108 Title of petition and other court documents -- Form and contents of petition -- Order for temporary custody or protective services -- Physical or psychological examination of minor, parent, or guardian -- Dismissal of petition.
Section 109 Summons -- Service and process -- Issuance and contents -- Notice to absent parent or guardian -- Emergency medical or surgical treatment -- Compulsory process for attendance of witnesses when authorized.
Section 110 Venue -- Transfer or certification to other districts -- Dismissal without adjudication on merits.
Section 111 Appearances -- Parents, guardian, or legal custodian to appear with minor or child -- Failure to appear -- Contempt -- Warrant of arrest, when authorized -- Parent's employer to grant time off -- Appointment of guardian ad litem.
Section 112 Minor taken into custody by peace officer, private citizen, or probation officer -- Grounds -- Notice requirements -- Release or detention -- Grounds for peace officer to take adult into custody.
Section 113 Placement of minor in detention or shelter facility -- Grounds -- Detention hearings -- Period of detention -- Notice -- Confinement for criminal proceedings -- Bail laws inapplicable -- Exception.
Section 114 Hearings -- Public excluded, exceptions -- Victims admitted -- Minor's cases heard separately from adult cases -- Minor or parents or custodian heard separately -- Continuance of hearing -- Consolidation of proceedings involving more than one minor.
Section 115 Hearings -- Record -- County attorney or district attorney responsibilities -- Attorney general responsibilities -- Disclosure -- Admissibility of evidence.
Section 116 Minor's cases considered civil proceedings -- Adjudication of jurisdiction by juvenile court not conviction of crime -- Exceptions -- Minor not to be charged with crime -- Exception -- Traffic violation cases -- Abstracts to Department of Public Safety.
Section 117 Adjudication of jurisdiction of juvenile court -- Disposition of cases -- Enumeration of possible court orders -- Considerations of court -- Obtaining DNA sample.
Section 118 Period of operation of judgment, decree, or order -- Rights and responsibilities of agency or individual granted legal custody.
Section 119 Modification of order or decree -- Requirements for changing or terminating custody, probation, or protective supervision.
Section 120 Continuing jurisdiction of juvenile court -- Period of and termination of jurisdiction -- Notice of discharge from custody of local mental health authority or Utah State Developmental Center -- Transfer of continuing jurisdiction to other district.
Section 121 Entry of judgment for fine or restitution -- Transfer for collection.
Section 201 Judges of juvenile court -- Appointments -- Terms.
Section 202 Sessions of juvenile court.
Section 203 Board of Juvenile Court Judges -- Composition -- Purpose.
Section 204 Administrator of the juvenile court -- Appointment -- Qualifications -- Powers and duties.
Section 205 District court executives -- Selection -- Duties.
Section 206 Juvenile court employees -- Salaries -- State courts personnel system -- Exemptions and discharge.
Section 207 Volunteers.
Section 208 Mental health evaluations -- Duty of administrator.
Section 209 Court records -- Inspection.
Section 210 Fines -- Fees -- Deposit with state treasurer -- Restricted account.
Section 211 Courtrooms -- Physical facilities.
Section 301 Definitions.
Section 302 Court-ordered protective custody of a child following petition filing -- Grounds.
Section 303 Rules of procedure -- Ex parte communications.
Section 304 Petition filed.
Section 305 Opportunity for a child to testify or address the court.
Section 306 Shelter hearing.
Section 307 Shelter hearing -- Placement -- DCFS custody.
Section 307.5 Post-shelter hearing placement of a child who is in division custody.
Section 308 Criminal background checks necessary prior to out-of-home placement.
Section 309 Pretrial and adjudication hearing -- Time deadlines.
Section 310 Notice of adjudication hearing.
Section 311 Adjudication -- Dispositional hearing -- Time deadlines.
Section 312 Dispositional hearing -- Reunification services -- Exceptions.
Section 313 Six-month review hearing -- Court determination regarding reasonable efforts by the Division of Child and Family Services and parental compliance with child and family plan requirements.
Section 314 Permanency hearing -- Final plan -- Petition for termination of parental rights filed -- Hearing on termination of parental rights.
Section 315 Periodic review hearings.
Section 316 Mandatory petition for termination of parental rights.
Section 317 All proceedings -- Persons entitled to be present.
Section 318 Review of foster care removal -- Foster parent's standing.
Section 319 Educational neglect of a child -- Procedures -- Defenses.
Section 320 Proceedings arising from failure to attend public school.
Section 321 Treatment for offender and victim -- Costs.
Section 322 Abuse, neglect, or dependency of child -- Coordination of proceedings.
Section 323 Additional finding at adjudication hearing -- Petition -- Court records.
Section 324 Mental health therapists.
Section 401 Separate procedures for minors committed to the Division of Child and Family Services on grounds other than abuse or neglect -- Attorney general responsibility.
Section 501 Title.
Section 502 Definitions.
Section 503 Judicial process for termination -- Parent unfit or incompetent -- Best interest of child.
Section 504 Petition -- Who may file.
Section 505 Contents of petition.
Section 506 Notice -- Nature of proceedings.
Section 507 Grounds for termination of parental rights -- Findings regarding reasonable efforts.
Section 508 Evidence of grounds for termination.
Section 509 Specific considerations where child is not in physical custody of parent.
Section 510 Specific considerations where a child has been placed in foster home.
Section 511 Court disposition of child upon termination -- Posttermination reunification.
Section 511.1 Posttermination reunification study item.
Section 512 Review following termination.
Section 513 Effect of decree.
Section 514 Voluntary relinquishment -- Irrevocable.
Section 515 Mental health therapist.
Section 601 Criminal proceedings involving minors -- Transfer to juvenile court -- Exception.
Section 602 Petition -- Preliminary inquiry -- Nonjudicial adjustments -- Formal referral -- Citation -- Failure to appear.
Section 603 Citation procedure -- Citation -- Offenses -- Time limits -- Failure to appear.
Section 604 Minor held in detention -- Credit for good behavior.
Section 605 Dispositional report required in minor's cases -- Exceptions.
Section 606 Suspension of license for certain offenses.
Section 701 Jurisdiction of district court.
Section 702 Serious youth offender -- Procedure.
Section 703 Certification hearings -- Juvenile court to hold preliminary hearing -- Factors considered by juvenile court for waiver of jurisdiction to district court.
Section 704 Appeals from serious youth offender and certification proceedings.
Section 801 Purpose.
Section 802 Definitions.
Section 803 Petition for emancipation.
Section 804 Court procedure.
Section 805 Emancipation.
Section 901 Office of Guardian ad Litem -- Appointment of director -- Duties of director -- Contracts in second, third, and fourth districts.
Section 902 Appointment of attorney guardian ad litem -- Duties and responsibilities -- Training -- Trained staff and court-appointed special advocate volunteers -- Costs -- Immunity -- Annual report.
Section 1001 Jurisdiction over adults for offenses against minors -- Proof of delinquency not required for conviction.
Section 1002 Practice and procedure -- Jury trial.
Section 1003 Costs and expenses of trial.
Section 1101 Violation of order of court -- Contempt -- Penalty.
Section 1102 Amendment of petition -- When authorized -- Continuance of proceedings.
Section 1103 Modification or termination of custody order or decree -- Grounds -- Procedure.
Section 1104 When photographs, fingerprints, or HIV infection tests may be taken -- Distribution -- Expungement.
Section 1105 Expungement of juvenile court record -- Petition -- Procedure.
Section 1106 Child support obligation when custody of a child is vested in an individual or institution.
Section 1107 Transfer of continuing jurisdiction to other district.
Section 1108 New hearings authorized -- Grounds and procedure.
Section 1109 Appeals.
Section 1110 Cooperation of political subdivisions and public or private agencies and organizations.
Section 1111 Right to counsel -- Appointment of counsel for indigent -- Costs.
Section 1112 Exchange of information with agency or institution having legal custody -- Transfer of minor to state prison or other adult facility prohibited.
Section 1113 Property damage caused by a minor -- Liability of parent or legal guardian -- Criminal conviction or adjudication for criminal mischief or criminal trespass not a prerequisite for civil action under chapter -- When parent or guardian not liable.
Section 1201 Title.
Section 1202 Definitions.
Section 1203 Youth court -- Authorization -- Referral.
Section 1204 Parental involvement -- Victims -- Restitution.
Section 1205 Dispositions.
Section 1206 Liability.
Section 1207 Fees.
Section 1208 Youth Court Board -- Membership -- Responsibilities.
Section 1209 Establishing a youth court -- Sponsoring entity responsibilities.
Section 1210 School credit.
Section 1301 Competency to proceed.
Section 1302 Procedure -- Standard.
Section 1303 Disposition on finding of incompetency to proceed -- Subsequent hearings -- Notice to prosecuting attorneys.
Section 1401 Title.
Section 1402 Definitions.
Section 1403 Petition to restore parental rights -- Duties of the division.
Section 1404 Hearing on the petition to restore parental rights.
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