Title 62A Chapter 2 Section 113

Utah Human Services Code
Licensure of Programs and Facilities
Section 113
License revocation -- Suspension.


62A-2-113.   License revocation -- Suspension.

            (1) If a license is revoked, the office may not grant a new license unless:

            (a) the human services program provides satisfactory evidence to the office that the conditions upon which revocation was based have been corrected;

            (b) the human services program is inspected by the office and found to be in compliance with all provisions of this chapter and applicable rules;

            (c) at least one year has passed since the day on which the licensee is served with final notice that the license is revoked; and

            (d) the office determines that the interests of the public will not be jeopardized by granting the license.

            (2) The office may suspend a license for no longer than one year.

            (3) When a license has been suspended, the office may restore, or restore subject to conditions, the suspended license upon a determination that the:

            (a) conditions upon which the suspension was based have been completely or partially corrected; and

            (b) interests of the public will not be jeopardized by restoration of the license.

Amended by Chapter 188, 2005 General Session