Title 63G Chapter 2 Section 502

General Government
Government Records Access and Management Act
Section 502
State Records Committee -- Duties.


63G-2-502.   State Records Committee -- Duties.

            (1) The records committee shall:

            (a) meet at least once every three months;

            (b) review and approve schedules for the retention and disposal of records;

            (c) hear appeals from determinations of access as provided by Section 63G-2-403; and

            (d) appoint a chairman from among its members.

            (2) The records committee may:

            (a) make rules to govern its own proceedings as provided by Title 63G, Chapter 3, Utah Administrative Rulemaking Act; and

            (b) by order, after notice and hearing, reassign classification and designation for any record series by a governmental entity if the governmental entity's classification or designation is inconsistent with this chapter.

            (3) The records committee shall annually appoint an executive secretary to the records committee. The executive secretary may not serve as a voting member of the committee.

            (4) Five members of the records committee are a quorum for the transaction of business.

            (5) The state archives shall provide staff and support services for the records committee.

            (6) If the records committee reassigns the classification or designation of a record or record series under Subsection (2)(b), any affected governmental entity or any other interested person may appeal the reclassification or redesignation to the district court. The district court shall hear the matter de novo.

            (7) The Office of the Attorney General shall provide counsel to the records committee and shall review proposed retention schedules.

Amended by Chapter 340, 2011 General Session