Legislative Research Library

The Legislative Research Library is located in the Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel where resources and direction to those wishing to research legislative histories and intent is offered. To schedule an appointment or to request information and how to use available resources, contact Shelley Day at 801.326.1600. The Legislative Research Library is non-circulating; material must remain in the library. The library does not provide interlibrary loan services.

Due to administrative rules, federal laws, local ordinances, case law, etc., in addition to statutes that may be relevant to any given situation, library staff does not provide legal advice and interpretation of the law. Advising citizens how the law may apply to any given situation is the function of an attorney, and is considered interpreting the law. For information about ways to get advice from an attorney please visit the Utah State Courts Finding Legal Help web page.

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Legislative Research Library, Office of Legislative Research & General Counsel
W210 House Building
State Capitol Complex
Salt Lake City, UT
(801) 326-1600