H.B. 109

house floor Amendments

Amendment 2 February 14, 2005 3:50 pm

Representative Sheryl L. Allen proposes the following amendments:

1.    Page 52, Line 1607 through Page 53, Line 1618 :    

             1607          (4) (a) An employee of an executive branch agency who was a career service employee
             1608      as of July 1, 2005
{   and whose functions are   }        who is       transferred to the Department of Technology

             1609      Services continues in the employee's career service status during the employee's service to the
             1610      Department of Technology Services
  if the duties of the position in the new department are substantially similar to those in the employee's previous position.

    (b) A career service employee transferred to the new department under the provisions of Subsection (4)(a), whose duties or responsibilities subsequently change, may not be converted to exempt status without the review process required by Subsection 67-19-15(3).
    (c) The executive director shall work with executive branch agency directors, during the period of transition to the new department, in good faith, to:
    (i) preserve relevant career service positions;
    (ii) retain qualified employees in non-relevant positions through transfers to other positions in state government, with retraining as necessary; and
    (iii) promote greater economy and efficiencies for the department  

{   (b)   }        (d)       The Department of Technology Services together with the Department of Human

             1612      Resource Management may develop financial and other incentives to encourage a career
             1613      service employee who transfers to the department under the provisions of Subsection (4)(a) to
             1614      voluntarily convert to an exempt position under Section 67-19-15 .
{   (c)   }        (e)       If a career service employee transfers to the department under the provisions of

             1616      Subsection (4)(a) and terminates his employment with the department for any reason, the
             1617      employment position shall be exempt from career service status under the provisions of
             1618      Subsection (3).

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