Title 53A Chapter 15 Section 401

State System of Public Education
Standards and Programs
Section 401
State Board of Education to supervise.


53A-15-401.   State Board of Education to supervise.

            (1) The general control and supervision, but not the direct management, of adult education is vested in the State Board of Education.

            (2) The board has the following powers:

            (a) makes and enforces rules to organize, conduct, and supervise adult education;

            (b) appoints state staff for the adult education program, establishes their duties, and fixes their compensation;

            (c) determines the qualifications of, and issues teaching certificates to, persons employed to give adult education instruction; and

            (d) determines the basis of apportionment and distributes funds made available for adult education.

            (3) (a) The State Board of Education shall make rules providing for the establishment of fees which shall be imposed by local school boards for participation in adult education programs.

            (b) A fee structure for adult education shall take into account the ability of a Utah resident who participates in adult education to pay the fees.

            (c) Sections 53A-12-103 and 53A-12-104 pertaining to fees and fee waivers in secondary schools do not apply to adult education.

Amended by Chapter 257, 2004 General Session