Title 53A Chapter 17a Section 126

State System of Public Education
Minimum School Program Act
Section 126
State support of pupil transportation.


53A-17a-126.   State support of pupil transportation.

            (1) Money appropriated to the State Board of Education for state-supported transportation of public school students shall be apportioned and distributed in accordance with Section 53A-17a-127, except as otherwise provided in this section.

            (2) (a) The Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind shall use its allocation of pupil transportation money to pay for transportation of their students based on current valid contractual arrangements and best transportation options and methods as determined by the schools.

            (b) All student transportation costs of the schools shall be paid from the allocation of pupil transportation money specified in statute.

            (3) (a) A school district may only claim eligible transportation costs as legally reported on the prior year's annual financial report submitted under Section 53A-3-404.

            (b) The state shall contribute 85% of approved transportation costs, subject to budget constraints.

            (c) If in a fiscal year the total transportation allowance for all districts exceeds the amount appropriated for that purpose, all allowances shall be reduced pro rata to equal not more than the amount appropriated.

Amended by Chapter 398, 2012 General Session